Apple iWatch is iPhone 6 accessory on Sept 19 release date: 6 confirmed specs & features

Published on August 29 2014

The Apple invites have been sent out, essentially confirming that the iPhone 6 grand introduction is on September 9 2014 and most likely one week after the most-awaited release date of the device will happen.

Along with the two iPhone models, bearing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes, Apple is also expected to preview its smartwatch that rumours said will be called the iWatch. In a new report,Bloomberg is convinced that the tech giant is indeed launching its first wearable device with the next iPhones chiefly "to boost" the former's market entry.

The report added that Apple appears to be packaging the iWatch as an iPhone accessory, which contradicted previous predictions offered by analysts that while the device will surely pair with the iPhone, it is also designed to deliver stand-alone features.

Apple iWatch is iPhone 6 accessory on Sept 19 release date: 6 confirmed specs & features

"The company also may be trying to manage expectations for the new device, signaling that it's more of an accessory instead of a category that stands by itself," Bloomberg said on its report.

Now aside from having the iWatch as a companion device, below are the six specs and features that likely will greet Apple fans on September 9:

Sapphire glass cover

At best, the inclusion of sapphire glass cover with the next iPhone is considered as selective. That would mean not all units will enjoy the robust screen protection that the materials is touted about. In a new note picked up by 9to5Mac, analyst Matt Margolis claimed that this will be case with the 2014 iPhones.

Sapphire will definitely blanket over the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 front panel, Margolis wrote, adding all units of the jumbo-sized smartphone will get this superior protective coating. As for the 4.7-inch model, some of which will have sapphire while others will have Corning Gorilla glass cover.

Margolis has investments with GT Advanced Technologies, where Apple sources its sapphire materials requirements.

NFC-enabled mobile payment

Near-field communication chip or NFC has long been rumoured as likely will be part of the iPhone 6 menu and this week, Wired reported that mobile payment via NFC technology will be "one of the hallmark features," for the upcoming device.

The Wired report pointed to "sources familiar with the matter," as provider of its information.

Gold, silver and gray iPhone 6

The iPhone 6, presumably both models, will unbox in three colour variants namely gold, silver and gray, according to the freshly-leaked images from that showed the device's supposed SIM tray.

Larger and better on-board speaker

In the same set of pictures, the upcoming phone's internal speaker was also showcased, which appears larger from that of what was stuffed with the iPhone 5S. The enhancement is seen to bring better mobile device sound quality and louder volume for iPhone users.

Redesigned vibrator motor

The photos also revealed a redesigned vibrator motor that the iPhone 6 will use. The reengineer, it seems, is mostly for the purpose of adjusting with the new internal configuration of the device's internal components.

Somehow, these changes hint of the revised form-factor that Apple will bring with its new smartphone.

Premium price

As a major upgrade from its immediate predecessor, it is assumed that the next iPhone will retail at a higher price. G4Games is reporting that chances are consumers will need to shell out more cash than usual in order to enjoy the iPhone 6.

Roughly, the basic 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will cost $750+ per unit while the phablet-size 5.5-inch will lead to around $1000 of cash damage. It is unclear if the pricing is for the unlocked version or with contract agreement though the report noted the information was obtained from a telco based in Spain.

After the September 9 Apple media event, the actual iPhone 6 release date will fall on the 19th of the same month but for the regular model only as the bigger edition is said to start rolling out by December 2014 at the earliest.

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