50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

Published on June 8 2016

When you really think about it, file management in Windows hasn't really changed all that much since the olden days of Windows 3.1. But the way that we use our computers, coupled with the explosion in the number of files that we now store, has made dealing with file management an onerous, almost painful task! Thank goodness XYplorer is here to inject some balance, order, and fun to file management!

50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

XYplorer is the last file manager you'll ever need to install! With XYplorer, you get multiple tabs to jump quickly between folders, a powerful search function, a preview feature that should have been part of Windows years ago, and a highly customizable and intuitive interface. Even better,XYplorer offers this to you in a very fast, very light application that doesn't require any installation or make any system or registry changes. Intrigued? Read on.

50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

If you're a fan of tabbed browsing, you already know how to work the tabs in XYplorer! Click between folders, rename them, reposition them, and drag and drop files onto them -- a whole lot easier than using Windows Explorer, that's for sure. You can even create a tab dedicated to a search filter! The Dual Pane makes it easy to move and copy stuff between folders, plus there's Manual Sorting to enable you to view files exactly as you like. And when you quit XYplorer and come back later, your tab configurations are there waiting for you!

50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

Combine this extraordinary functionality with intuitive Tree, List, and Mini-Tree views, and you're all set withXYplorer. The Mini-Tree contains a history of files and folders that you've actually used, so it's easy to jump to something you've been working on. Ever wanted to create a magic button to launch files in your app of choice? Custom Toolbar buttons makes that happen! You can color code your files, tag files, highlight and bold favorite folders, or use the Catalog function to combine folders and items from all over your hard drive, LAN, and the Internet under a single heading. There's even support for file names longer than 260 characters, an impossibility in Windows! Plus, aliases make typing long directory structures into the address bar a thing of the past!

50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

The robust features just keep on coming with XYplorer! Imagine one-click previews of any of your media files, plus multiple (up to 100) level undo/redo for your file operations that persists from session to session. An advanced Recycle Bin that leaves your default Windows Bin in the dust! You can even enable queuing inXYplorer and stack file operation jobs without even waiting for the first few to finish, then continue working as your jobs complete in the background!

50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

XYplorer also offers Select Special, which lets you modify selections in one pane based on items in the other pane, synchronous scrolling and sorting of both panes, the ability to bring back accidentally erased selections, item name editing, and a quick way to bump selected files up in the folder hierarchy!

50% Off to Get XYplorer The Ultimate File Manager

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! XYplorer includes a powerful Floating Preview feature. Essentially a new preview pane separate from the main window, Floating Preview supports Mouse Down Blow Up and the transparency grid for transparent images. It's one of the features customers have requested most!

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