The Apple Watch 2: Improvements, Specs & Most WANTED Features

Published on November 22 2015

The Apple Watch 2: Improvements, Specs & Most WANTED Features

The Apple Watch was proof of concept. With the Apple Watch 2 we'll likely see some BIG developments...

It’s hard to believe that the Apple Watch was first announced almost a year ago even though it didn’t go on sale until April of this year. But since the time it’s been available…we actually don’t know how well the Apple Watch is selling. Apple hasn’t released any official sales numbers, which is a bit odd since they love announcing iPhone sales numbers. Various estimates put Apple Watch sales numbers at 3 million in June. If true, that wouldn’t be bad considering it's an all new product and that the first iPhone took 3 months to sell just one million units.

Still, many people have said they are holding off for the second Apple Watch in hopes of better design, better battery life, and, well, just better everything. But it looks like those people are going to have to hold off a little longer. After all, it's now almost been a year since its announcement, yet no new Apple Watch is in sight–that’s in spite of Apple releasing a swath of new products in September.

Apple is looking to pick up a second manufacturer for the next-generation Apple Watch apart from Quanta Computer, reports Apple Insider. The company is currently in talks with Inventec, Wistron, and its primary partner Foxconn, according to the Chinese-language Apple Daily, quoted by DigiTimes. The Daily suggested that the new Watch won't be available until after the second quarter of 2016, which conflicts with some recent rumors calling for a launch within that quarter.

Apple apparently initially ordered 6 million Apple Watch units for the December quarter of 2015 but has since then scaled back production to 4 million following softer than expected sales. Apple has yet to officially comment on exact sales of its first wearable but industry watchers suspect the Apple Watch has out-sold everything else in the wearable space by quite a considerable margin.

While it’s almost certain Apple is holding the next generation Apple Watch for a 2016 release, we thought it would be fun for now to put together a wishlist of the top ways we hope it will be different. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

Apple Watch 2: Better Battery, Obvs!

This is the most frustrating thing about the current Apple Watch. Less than a day’s battery life SUCKS big time. However, Apple Watch’s battery life issue isn’t entirely within Apple’s control. Battery technology just isn’t to the point where batteries can both be small enough and powerful enough to fit in and charge a device that’s as small as a smartwatch for days at a time. Still, there are ways via software and hardware that you can prolong battery life. Apple does this to great effect in the iPhones and to some effect in the first Apple Watch. Hopefully they’ll be able to make Apple Watch 2 more power efficient, which could give it 48 hours of battery life.

Apple Watch 2: More Shapes
The Apple Watch 2: Improvements, Specs & Most WANTED Features

Right now the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, but both are rectangular. There are some beautiful Android Wear and Pebble smartwatches out there that have round clock faces–and they all look much better than the Apple Watch. Here’s hoping Apple Watch 2 gives us the option to choose from different shaped bodies. One only need to see the amazing mockups by Alcion used in this post to see how cool a round Apple Watch could be.

Apple Watch 2: More Storage

The first Apple Watch has 8GB of built-in storage. That’s okay–especially for watchOS 1, which basically ran lightweight companion apps tethered to the iPhone. But now that watchOS 2 allows for dedicated apps (to some degree) more storage is going to become more important. Since Apple loves the 16 GB storage option on their iPhones, why not bump up the storage of the Apple Watch 2 by that much?

Apple Watch 2: Better Siri

Siri has gotten speedier in watchOS 2, but because it still streams Siri’s data through the iPhone it’s slower than it could be. We’d love to see a native onboard Siri with the Apple Watch 2. Of course in order for that to happen Apple Watch 2 would need the following…

Apple Watch 2: Built-in Cellular and GPS

Yeah, for now if you want an Internet connection or working GPS, your Apple Watch needs to be paired with your iPhone. In order for the Apple Watch to be a truly stand alone device, it would need both a cellular connection and built-in GPS. Of course if it had a cellular and GPS chip, you’re talking about components that eat through battery life, which doesn’t make the first item on our wishlist any more plausible.

Apple Watch 2: More Sensors
The Apple Watch 2: Improvements, Specs & Most WANTED Features

Right now the Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor, but if it truly wants to be seen as a health/fitness device it needs more sensors. A blood glucose sensor is the most often requested, but also sensors like motion and barometer for tracking runs and steep climbs would be a huge health boost. And waterproof that puppy so you could use it in the pool.

Apple Watch 2: No iPhone Required

You may be seeing a theme here with our wishlist: we want the Apple Watch 2 free of its iPhone ball and chain. It’s currently such a cool device, but it loses that cool and usefulness when your iPhone isn’t around. If it could do almost everything your iPhone could do think how amazing–and truly innovative–it would be. An iPhone on your wrist without the iPhone: calls, Apple Pay, Internet connectivity, you name it. It would be amazing.

Apple Watch 2: FaceTime Camera

The last thing on our Apple Watch 2 wishlist is also probably the most obvious. We want it to beDick Tracy’s watch. We want that FaceTime camera at the top of the Apple Watch 2 so we can video conference with anyone anywhere from our wrist–and look damn cool doing it.

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