Spigen Liquid Crystal case for Galaxy S7 edge

Published on May 19 2016

Your Galaxy S7 edge has a beautiful screen just waiting to crack. You want protection against everyday wear and drops, but don't want to create a behemoth that doesn't fit in your pocket. Is this the case for you?

Let's take a look at the case in terms of style, features, and design.


Spigen Liquid Crystal case for Galaxy S7 edge

The Liquid Crystal case is a one-piece, flexible TPU sleeve that slips easily over your S7 edge. You might have already guessed by the name, but the case is completely clear. This case does not offer a lot of grip other than the raised button covers, but you will notice a difference between not having a case at all.

Note that the clear TPU cases are known to yellow as they age.


Spigen Liquid Crystal case for Galaxy S7 edge

This case allows your phone to charge wirelessly at full speed — ideal for those of you concerned about leaving your phone unprotected while it sits on the shelf.

Due to the case's simple design there is no built-in kickstand. The back of the case is, however, flat, and will easily take on a separate kickstand. Spigen sells their own great product called a Style Ring that is compatible with this case.


Spigen Liquid Crystal case for Galaxy S7 edge

The S7 edge screen is particularly prone to webbed cracking when dropped on its corner. Spigen's solution is to make the case a bit thicker on the corners without adding too much bulk. Keep in mind that some Spigen cases feature air-cushion technology on corners, whereas the Liquid Crystal does not.

There is a raised bevel along the top and bottom of the case, meaning you can set your phone face-down without any damage to your screen. Because the edge's screen wraps down the side of the phone, the case cannot offer protection without compromising the phone's use. Dropping the phone on its side or on an edge could result in damage.

All side buttons are covered and remain functional. The bottom ports and speaker are not covered, nor is the entirety of the S7 edge screen. The case is very thin; a quick glance might miss that it's even on your phone.

The bottom line

Spigen Liquid Crystal case for Galaxy S7 edge

If you'd like to show off your phone in all its glory without skimping on protection, this case might be the one for you.

If this type of case isn't your thing, check out the best clear cases or best overall cases for your Galaxy S7 edge.

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