2 Ways To Recover Deleted Files From SD Card

Published on July 18 2016

SD card is must use for any smartphone or digital camera. Instead of a lot of built-in memory in digital cameras and smartphone, the high quality of images and videos fill up the memory. Advancement in smartphones has made it the small office. You store documents, messages, pictures, videos, business memos, etc. in your smartphone.

A smartphone is not 100 percent efficient after all it is a machine. You cannot totally rely on it. There are several problems associated with your smartphones. One of the biggest problems is unintentionally deletion of data from the smartphone. If unluckily your SD card gets formatted due to your smartphone get hanged or malfunctioned or in other unfortunate circumstances, and it becomes distressing to lose your all data.

Some of them totally get into shocking stage because their important documents like passwords to bank accounts, business records, and other financial receipts get deleted. So, you don’t need to worry anymore, if you have accidentally deleted your data from SD follow up this post to read two ways you can rec​over deleted files from your SD card..

  1. Recover From Cloud:

If your smartphone was making a backup from time to time in the cloud then through this you can ultimately recover deleted files. For this, go to the service on which you were backing up your documents either Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive to recover your formatted documents.

Recovery from backup only works if you have allowed your device to back up your files on the cloud from time to time. This method is not much efficient as many of the people don’t allow automatic backups. People are afraid of quick drainage of the battery, or their internet data package is too limited to auto sync the documents.

  1. Use Data Recovery Software:

Data recovery with software is much efficient as compared to backup option from a cloud. As, if your SD Card is of a digital camera, then there is no option for you to use any recovery from the cloud. For this, you need a data recovery software to recover deleted files. Similar would be the case for the smartphone if your auto backup data to the cloud was not enabled. People usually get upset about losing their valuable data. But, recovery software has eased this issue.

You need to download some good SD card recovery software to recover data. Follow each and every step by step guide to recover deleted files. Data recovery through software has 90 percent success rate.

Precautions to Take to Avoid Unintentional Deletion of Files:

  1. The most important thing you must do is to make a quick backup of pictures to your personal computer after any event.
  2. Business files usually contain less memory, so, backing up them on a cloud is the best option.
  3. Avoid use of unnecessary or pirated apps which cause your Android software to malfunction.
  4. Always keep more than necessary space on your SD card.

To sum up, the recovery rate of success from recovery software is more as compared to recovering from the cloud. You need to take necessary steps to avoid accidental deletion of files.

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