iPhone to become No. 1 smartphone in China?

Published on December 15 2013

Apple's market share in China was bound to increase with the launch of its new iPhone models in the country. But the extent of the rebound in market share was less certain. As it turns out, the new models are doing extremely well in China, according to just-released data from Counterpoint Research -- better than the iPhone 5 did when it first launched, in fact.

Headed to the top?
By model, the iPhone 5s is already the top-selling phone globally, according to Counterpoint Research. That holds true in the important U.S. and Japan markets, too. In China, however, Apple is still lagging.

But here's the big news: Apple isn't doing so bad in China post-iPhone 5s and 5c launch. Counterpoint's data, which estimates sales (not shipments), shows Apple's market share of smartphones soaring from just 3% in September to a whopping 12% in October. That puts Apple in third place among smartphone manufacturers in China, up from sixth place in September. Even more, Samsung, with market share of about 18% of smartphone shipments in October, isn't too far ahead of Apple anymore.

China Mobile, too Keep in…

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