Apple iOS 9.1 Has Serious New Problem

Published on October 30 2015

Is this what happens when you rush? Having pushed through development of iOS 9.1 and its five betas in a record breaking 33 days, it is now being widely reported that the update has introduced a bug far more infuriating than any of the quirks it was designed to fix…

Users are reporting that iOS 9.1 is shutting off their alarms. The result being an outpouring of anger on social media as people are late to work, missing appointments and even flights. Perhaps the most high profile tweet comes from the Pixies’ guitarist Joey Santiago:

All of our iPhones alarms failed to wake up our household. Did anyone’s iPhone alarm go off this morning?
— Joey Santiago (@JoeySantiago) October 28, 2015

But he is far from alone.

I have been in contact with Apple in the both US and the UK seeking a comment on this issue, but so far the company is maintaining a stony silence. Needless to say, I’ll update when/if the company goes public.

Update: Apple remains silent, but the bug appears particularly prevalent for anyone using the new update overnight feature introduced with iOS 9. So steer clear of that until Apple decides to release a statement or quick fix.

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